Peterson attorney says Stacy talked to friend about leaving

Attorney Joel Brodsky says the new information was used as evidence by the Illinois State Police when they applied for a search warrant for Peterson's home. Brodsky released the information, which he says comes from a police interview with a junior college friend of Stacy Peterson's.

The name of the student is blacked out, but the material reads, "according to (blank) a fellow student from joliet Junior College with Stacy Peterson, Stacy complained to (blank) over drinks after class on October 27, 2007, at approximately 4:30 p. m. that she wanted out of her marriage.

"(Blank) suggested to her at that time that she should take the cash money and not use her credit cards to preclude being found. She responded that if she was to leave, she would leave in the morning when drew was asleep."

The alleged conversation occurred the day before Stacy Peterson disappeared. The warrant for the house search was issued last October.

The state police say they're not familiar with the document and will look into it.

"There's no reason for this man to lie. He's not a friend of Drew, doesn't know Drew. He's an acquaintance of Stacy's," Brodsky said.

Drew Peterson said Wednesday the hidden truth is starting to come out.

And Stacy Peterson's relatives say they're not surprised she would make statements like those in the document because she was looking for a way out of her marriage.

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