Couple gives away school supplies

Its one thing to be going back to school, but it's another thing to have the supplies necessary for the classroom. Seven years ago, the Tylers, of Gary, recognized the problem, and through their business, Winjamin Storage, began collecting money to buy school supplies to be given to needy kids.

"We know they need the basics, we know they need the pens, the pencils, the rulers, the erasers. We collect the lists that the schools hand out and we start there," said Sharon Tyler.

Among the items to be given away are three ring binders, calculators, dictionaries, crayons, pencil sharpeners, school boxes and even back packs.

"Some of the teachers in the neighborhood have told us that some of these children are coming to school with virtually nothing to work with, maybe a pen a pencil a couple of pieces of paper, something like that, and that's what spurred us on to try and do more," said Ben Tyler.

When this effort started some 100 youngsters were on the receiving end of the giveaway. This week more than 500 are expected to show up for school supplies.

Joann Alcox is involved in buying the supplies for the giveaway which takes place this Saturday morning in Gary.

"I am excited and I am grateful to be a part of this giveaway. We have so many children in the neighborhood who need different things throughout the year, and this is just a small way of saying go back to school, get your education" said Alcox.

"The uniforms in Gary alone cost the parents a lot of money. We can't afford the uniforms, but we can at least help them out with supplies so they can afford the uniforms," said Sharon Tyler.

"Its something that we felt we had to give back to the neighborhood," said Ben Tyler.

Sharon and Ben Tyler, founders of the annual school supply giveaway and a couple you should know.

It all takes place beginning at 10 a.m. this Saturday at 855 Taft Street in Gary. For more information call 219-977-9566.

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