Laura to return to 'General Hospital'

Genie is 46 now and looks better than ever. She recently lost 40 pounds. Genie will be acting opposite Julie Marie Burman who plays her troubled daughter Lulu.

Reporter George Pennachio of our sister station in L.A. tried to get some info from Genie about the storyline.

"They're totally keeping me in the dark, and it's a good thing because you know I have a big mouth," said Genie Francis, General Hospital, "Laura Spencer."

Originally, this was going to be a short guest starring role, but sources say Genie Francis will be back "off and on" over the next couple months. She has just relocated her family to Los Angeles where General Hospital is taped, so stay tuned.

Genie Francis returns on Monday, at 2 p.m., on ABC 7!

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