Lakeview meat market offers BBQ fare

CHICAGO The Hungry Hound has just the place to go to pick up quality meats, sausages and brats. It's a legendary Lakeview meat market, where everything is either butchered, smoked or made in-house.

For nearly 60 years, they've been butchering their own beef, making their own salami and sausage and then smoking them at the legendary Paulina Market in Lakeview

"This will eat like butter, how good it is. Tender like a filet, flavor of a rib eye," said Bill Begale, Paulina Market.

Begale has worked at the market for years, and bought the business two years ago.

"I'd say we have about 80 sausages and we have just every cut of meat that you could think of, pretty much," said Begale.

The store's four smokers keep things running smoothly, even in the run-up to a major grilling holiday like Labor Day. Just grab a number from Porky's mouth on the way in, and be prepared for grilling overload. Sheboygan, pork and veal brats, chorizo, turducken--even lamb gyros brats.

"Fresh brats over here. These are fresh pork brats. These you can simmer in beer for about 15 minutes and then throw them on the grill and just brown them," said Begale.

A giant window means there's nothing to hide here. All of the butchering is done on-site. In addition to raw and smoked products, they also sell re-heatable meals like beef stew. Begale says in an age of big box stores and more competition than ever, there's one reason his meaty corner of Lakeview keeps customers coming back year after year.

"The quality. We try to get the best. If it isn't the best we don't accept it. Our service. Consistency. Always the same," said Begale.

One of big problem with places that have this much selection is how to make a decision. The good thing about Paulina is they offer free samples, so whether it's garlic salami or a little smoked pork tenderloin, it takes some of the guesswork out of planning a Labor Day picnic.

Some other great markets in the region include Elegance in Meats in Northbrook and Prime N Tender Meats in Hinsdale.

Paulina Market
3501 N. Lincoln Ave.

Elegance In Meats
3135 Dundee Rd., Northbrook

Prime N Tender Meats
777 N. York Rd., suite 4, Hinsdale

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