Looking cool in gym class

Fashion Rules!

Make the fashion, not the fitness the focal point. Outfitting your student in stylish gear will not only increase their chances of being awarded "Best Dressed", but will make them more likely to participate in the activity that corresponds to that outfit. Cathy says, look for

  • Hi-tops
  • Retro
  • Plaid
  • Play to your child's strengths
    So what if your kid doesn't run to the paper to read the box score! Offer your tech-savvy student a challenge that is fun for them by incorporating gadgets and technology into their wardrobe.

  • MBT makes smart look super-cool.
  • The FitFlop is another option for warmer weather that offers similar benefits.
  • Nike ipod sport kit will let them record, track and chart their activity and even challenge friends
  • Specialist or Multi-tasker?
    Is your student athlete a modern Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders or Michael Jordan playing a variety of sports or are they dedicated to one sport in particular?

  • Always consider the activity for which the child will use new shoes
  • Maximize comfort and look for trends, but not all sneakers are built for gym class or track practice.
  • You can still buy performance shoes, without sacrificing style.
  • Cathy suggests the following gear from www.ladyfootlocker.com

    Prices range from $20 to $150

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Satin

    Nike Prestige HI

    Adidas SuperStar Trefoil

    Pastry Glam Pie Blackberry

    Apple Bottom Hi Top

    Nike Shox Navina in Silver Sparkle

    Asics GT 2130

    Nike + Sport kit

    Puma Bags (2)

    Nike Bag (1)

    Fit Flop

    Lady Foot Locker Graphic T's

    Mission Skincare

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