Special Segment: Home Improvement Friday

ABC7 decided to help a couple of our viewers redo a room in their home desperately in need of a makeover. Unlike the TV shows, they had to do it in one day with stuff they already owned and only a hundred bucks.

"I'm not very good knowing what colors go with what how to make things less cluttered," said Lorena Lopez, who shares her Chicago apartment with her husband and baby.

their dining room has problems-- a ceiling that's falling in and too many knick-knacks. We paired Lopez with designer Janet Shepherd.

"Can we go out to the porch and measure this thing?" A poster they already had, helped the Lopez's decide the color scheme. They sanded and painted after getting a bargain on some paint.

"Paint store owners will have left over gallons of paint sometimes," said Shepherd. "You can go get the leftover paint and get it at a fraction of the price."

Lorena sewed drapes, a tablecloth and napkins with material from Joann Fabrics. Albert cleaned their old rug. Janet packed up the clutter and rearranged their old dishes and picture frames more stylishly. The cost was only $96.

"I'm really surprised those are my things out there and hundred dollars was able to get me that room," said Lorena.

Sue Rajner of Arlington Heights is also a busy mom unhappy with her decor.

"I hate hate hate hate my dining room."

Neither the plain white dining room walls nor the yellow living room walls worked with the blue carpeting. Designer Tracy Olson helped Sue.

"We need to get...we have to do math here!"

Sue used paint she already owned for the dining room walls. Tracy suggested buying blue paint to tie in the ceiling with the carpeting. A friend sewed lampshade covers and curtains with material from Joann Fabrics. The same fabric was used for wall panels framed with Home Depot picture molding at 59 cents a foot.

An ottoman was created with plywood and wooden railing. The living room walls were glazed and sponged with a wash to soften the yellow. Furniture was rearranged and an armoire brought down from upstairs.

the total cost was $100 and just a little change.

"With vision and a positive attitude and help from friends you can achieve anything."

"I'm so happy it is absolutely gorgeous, it is beyond my wildest dreams how it came out."

Designers say the most cost effective and dramatic way to transform a room is paint. They also recommend you pick a focal point and base the room around it, such as a painting or a family heirloom.


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