Bronzini Filets with Stewed Heirloom Tomatoes, White Beans and Swiss Chard

September 15, 2008 8:25:07 AM PDT
6 oz. Per serving, any thin, white fish can be substituted

Serves 6.

Heirloom Tomato, chopped fine 2 c.

Shallot sliced 1/2 c.

Fennel, julienne 1 ea.

Garlic, minced 2T

Swiss Chard, chopped, ribs removed 1 bch.

Borlotti Beans 1/2 c.

Vegetable Stock 3/4 c.

Tarragon 1 sprig

Combine all ingredients except the fish in a heavy bottom pot with a lid and season with salt and white pepper.

1. Simmer mixture until greens begin to wilt. Lower temperature to a soft simmer and place seasoned fish filets on top of mixture, spread them evenly so they don't overlap.

2. You will need to check the liquid level and adjust with vegetable stock. Mixture should be wet but not soupy.

3. 4. Cover and cook until fish are cooked to desired doneness