In-home painting tips from Danielle Hirsch of HGTV

• Don't forget that the lighting in the paint store and in your home are different so make sure to test the color when you get home before purchasing a large quantity.

• Every paint color will change the dynamic of your room:

• Lighter, less saturated colors –Room will appear larger

• Deeper, more intense colors –Color will pull the walls in making it feel cozy

• Consider your entire palette when choosing your paint color including your furniture, accessories, furniture, upholstery, etc.

• Natural shades like earthy greens and browns are easy colors to mix and match

• Bold, spicy colors really make a statement and demand attention. Keep your accessories simple so they don't compete.

• Combining neutral colors with different textures will be visually stimulating.

• Keep substantial items including a sofa or flooring neutral. When your tastes change it is easier to paint the walls than replace big ticket items.

• Prep work is tedious, but worth it in the long run. Clear out the furniture, repair any wall imperfections, mask off areas that will not get painted, etc.


• The green theme continues by bringing outdoor items inside. People are being affected by the economy so they are hunkering down and spending more time in their homes and repurposing the things they have.

• Orange will continue to be a hot color trend and will continue on to 2009. Orange is a vibrant color that brings out energy, stimulates emotion, conversation and even appetite.

• 'Crewel colors' reflect peoples' returning interest in homey things like crafts and cooking. Crewel colors consist of deep cranberry reds, warm browns and pumpkin orange


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