Trump family tops off Chicago tower

CHICAGO Trump has officially cemented his reputation in Chicago history. His handprints, along with his three children, are part of the topping-off ceremony for Trump International Hotel and Tower. It comes at an ominous and trying time in our country's financial history.

"This country has never been at such a low point, maybe during the Vietnam war, I'm not sure," Trump said. "But certainly, this country from a financial standpoint and a respect standpoint has never been at this low ebb."

And even with congressional hearings Wednesday on the economy, Trump says, for everyday investors, there are advantages during these trying times.

"It's a great time to buy real estate," McCain said. "There are so many opportunities. People say that and say, 'Yeah, it's if you're rich.' It's not really if you're rich. It's if you're smart."

In fact, Trump says 75 percent of his building has been sold. A few two-bedroom units in the building have some of the most spectacular views in the city. They run between $2.3 and 2.5 million. Trump and his three children say they were involved every step of the way, down to the last-minute detail.

"We're all type-A personalities. We're always working late hours, whether it be late or on the weekends. It's certainly not nine to five, especially that we're building projects like this around the world," said Eric Trump, real estate executive.

Trump Tower does feature glitz and glamour and has the world's highest private residence on the 89th floor. It stands 92 stories high and, according to Donald Trump, is already home to several celebrities. The only one he confirmed was Bears backup quarterback Rex Grossman, who bought a unit for $2.6 million.

Donald Trump's sales pitch for Chicago, goes something like this:

"It's a clean city. It's a safe city. It's a great city. People love Chicago," Donald Trump said.

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