Baseball fans fired up in Chicago

CHICAGO They beat the Detroit Tigers Monday night, forcing a one-game tiebreaker against the Minnesota Twins. That tiebreaker will be played at The Cell Tuesday night.

Chicago is all about baseball right now. The Cubs are also getting ready for their first playoff game Wednesday.

With the final out by the Detroit Tigers, the Sox assured themselves of at least one more day of baseball on the South Side. It has been a tense last week, but fans were celebrating Monday night.

"I've got a friend in line getting tickets and he better get us nice seats because I'm coming back tomorrow," said Glenn Burress, Sox fan.

North Side fans have known their fate for more than a week, giving Carlos Zambrano's pastor more time to celebrate Zambrano's recent no-hitter at his Humboldt Park church.

"We want to rally around him and give him our support on the way to the playoffs," said Isaias Mercado, pastor.

"We're excited about that everywhere. We play with our heart," Zambrano said.

Postseason baseball in Chicago has fans on both sides of town distracted these days, which is a good thing with all the bad economic news. And playoff baseball actually brings good news on that front. The first round of Cubs playoff games will bring in about $20 million to the city. The Sox will net about $10 million to $14 million in economic impact.

"It's nice to have a nonpolitical economic stimulus package," said Tom Mahon, MDS Group.

Businesses, such as Pops for Champagne, are jumping on the baseball bandwagon offering flutes of Dom Perrione at half the price - $19.08.

"Obviously it was based on the last year the Cubs won the World Series in 1908," said Tom Verhey, Pops for Champagne.

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