Ted Wulfers

Plays: Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Lap Steel, Dobro, Mandolin, Uke, Banjo, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion and Sings

Genre: Americana / Rock 'n Roll / Alt. Country

Output: Has released 5 full length CDs, 2 EP single CDs and 1 Live CD of original music

Produced/engineered/played on 6 CD's for other artists

Touring: 300+ shows since 2004 in 25 states throughout U.S. including Clubs, Amphitheaters, Festivals, Fairs, Colleges, Parties and Corporate Events *Is looking to play at least 200+ shows per year.

Show: Ted will give you one of the best 45 minute sets out there and has also become well known for his 3-4 hours shows where he and the band do not leave the stage nor take a set break. A Ted show is a live performance you do not want to miss!!

Band: Ted tours with his band including Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys & steel and also tours solo acoustic.

Songs: Amazing lyrics and road weary stories from a life of great experience and vast travel. The subjects and storylines in Ted's songs are easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to relate to, allowing EVERY CD to truly become part of the soundtrack of your life. Wild party songs, rock anthems, witty fables, slow grooves and emotionally moody music all make up Ted's catalog. Hard Rockin' Guitars, Drums & Bass, Chill out Acoustic sounds and unique instruments and arrangements make every Ted CD and Show some of the best out there!

Chicago native and self-confessed road-dog Ted Wulfers is a quadruple threat with phenomenal guitar/piano playing, an engaging and versatile voice, amazing stage shows and some of the best original Americana/Rock 'n Roll music you'll hear.

Like his musical heroes, he nurtures a restless curiosity about human experience and is committed to original voices in the lyrics of his 500+ songs.

"Wulfers is a gifted and clever songwriter. Add to that his strong rich vocals and you have got a 1st class, 1st-rate artist." Herb Barbee, Roots Music Report

"Rock 'n Roll Cowboy" and self-confessed road dog Ted Wulfers is on a determined mission to "save rock 'n' roll." Toward that end, his new CD Cheap Liquor is a loud, riff-happy, unabashed mash note to Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones and all the other whiskey-swigging influences who inspired him to pick up a guitar at 13 and start writing songs.

"Rock 'n' roll was the music I really got off on as a kid," explains Wulfers, who generally rebels against restrictive labels. "But there's no rock anymore. I would much rather listen toFrank Sinatra than I would any of the bands that are in the Top 40 right now. It's either screaming, hip-hop, faux country, or 18-year-old girls lip-synching to pop. Right now, if you write your own music and you sing it, you're either labeled country or Americana, and my brand of rock 'n' roll music fits very well into both camps."

"To me, Dwight Yoakam is rock 'n' roll," he says. "Townes Van Zandt is rock 'n' roll. AC/DC is rock 'n' roll. Johnny Cash is rock 'n' roll. Lucinda Williams is rock 'n' roll. If you're a musician, you should be able to play a large variety of music. I just hate being pigeonholed."

Standing six feet four inches, with wild hair, flashy shirts, cowboy boots and shades, Wulfers cuts a classic rock 'n' roll image. Like his musical heroes, he nurtures a restless curiosity about human experience and is committed to original voices.

Wulfers started playing piano at age 3. By 13, he had taught himself guitar and began playing in bands. In addition to guitar and piano, he's also learned his way around organ, bass, drums and harmonica, and is a dynamic frontman who prides himself on the rhythmic variety and energy of his live shows. When he realized he was spending more time onstage and in recording studios than the classroom, Wulfers left Denison University after three years to focus on his flourishing music career. After spending more than a decade writing and recording songs and finessing the finer points of entertaining in bars, theatres, festivals and clubs, you could say he's earned his master's degree in audience communication at Pub Rock U. His ability as a performer to connect with listeners sets him far apart from many contemporaries.

An ode to Wulfers' favorite pastimes — women, drinking and legendary music —Cheap Liquor exemplifies his credo that there is "no such thing as closing time." Produced by Wulfers (who also played guitars, bass, piano and organ), it was mixed by noted rock engineer Manny Sanchez (Billy Corgan, Rod Stewart) and mastered by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Big & Rich), and features a swaggering duet with L.P. on "I Got Home Late." Cheap Liquor's dynamic guitar work, stomping beats, twangy vibe and tongue-in-cheek lyrics have already caught ears across the country while Wulfers has built a reputation in clubs, saloons and on the street through amazing shows and a very catchy "I heart Cheap Liquor" sticker.

With the 2002 release of Agave Blue, Wulfers offered philosophical musings and explored the rock, pop, jam, jazz, world, dance and coffeehouse genres. The rough-'n'-ready-to-rock guitars and double entendres on his latest release, Cheap Liquor, reflect the well-lubed party-time vibe of his band's concerts.

"My music appeals to people who like to have a good time," he says. "My show has many different styles of music, and that's why people will stay for three hours. We're not just playing the same songs. To give you an example, 'S.W.E.L.L.' on Cheap Liquor gets played on country radio in the Midwest. There's a town in Michigan that plays the song on the hard-rock channel, the pop channel, the country station and the pop station. And it's all the same song. It is American music. I'm taking rock 'n' roll, country, jazz, folk, and I'm mixing it into this one hybrid of music. I like to take something really great or something really shitty from my life and put it into three minutes and bam! You can cry about it, you can laugh about it or you can sing along."

Wulfers gives each album a distinct personality, and he's already looking ahead to future projects. He has 500 songs written already and has big plans for them, from the light-hearted "Ditty Bop Hop" (about, yes, the Ditty Bops) to the falsetto blues of "Tearin' Out My Heart," the murderous story song "Two Hours of Rum" and beer bottle-clinking bar anthem "Cowboy Soul."

For more information visit www.TedWulfers.com.

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