The Counter's crowded with burger fans

In just its first few weeks, The Counter has been packed solid. Located on a busy stretch of Diversey probably doesn't hurt, but why so much attention for a burger concept born in LA?

"To get rid of sort of the old, 1950s, 1960s style burger places, really give the power back to the customer, the freedom of choice, to build and create whatever you wanted on your burger," said Jeff Weinstein, The Counter.

So when you see people hovered over clipboards, it's only because they're studying the endless options they have.

"Greek feta cheese, to horseradish cheddar, to herbed goat cheese spread to dried cranberries for your burger, grilled pineapple for your burger. 17 different sauces, three different choices of buns."

Those buns, incidentally, score bonus points for being toasted. One of those options includes skinny English muffins. If you want, go bunless, and get your burger in a bowl. Condiments are all top-notch, and the beef is USDA Choice.

"Our beef is certified humane raised and handled, first and foremost; it's on a strict vegetarian diet, it's all natural."

Shakes and malts are irresistible and sides are tasty as well. Even though the fries are not made in-house, the sweet potato versions are very good, while the thin-and-crispy onion strings are simultaneously light and crunchy.

Weinstein says more locations are inevitable in Chicago as long as people continue to crave custom-made burger joints where it's all about the grill.

"We cook all of our proteins on a charbroiled grill so you're really getting that backyard barbequed flavor to it," said Weinstein.

There are a few non-meat options at the counter, like turkey, veggie and grilled chicken.. Size options range from a third of a pound to a full pound patty.

The Counter
666 W. Diversey Pkwy

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