Sox fans keeping fingers crossed Sunday

CHICAGO Their do-or-die game against the Tampa Bay rays was under way Sunday afternoon at U.S. Cellular Field.

Fans were hoping the South Side team could win both Sunday and Monday and return to Florida for game five.

Hundreds of faithful Sox fans gathered at the Cell as early as Sunday morning.

"This is a wonderful Now better way to prepare for the game and tailgate and have fun," said Maria Chico.

Chico's group was celebrating J birthday while they were hoping to reverse the fortunes of their beloved White Sox, who lost the first two games at Tampa Bay.

"We don't play well in domes. It's not as dramatic. So, we'll do that here..etc.," John Chico said.

"Now, they're on our turf, and we're going to win two in a row an dgo ...beat them in Tampa," Sox fan Maggie Pucher said.

Once again, Sox fans were betting on black, and they were also wearing it like they did the night they beat Minnesota to win the Central Division championship.

"We're real baseball fans and know exactly how to support our team and show them how to win..blackout," said fan John Rusiniak.

"I am not scared, and I have confidence in Danks, and I think he's going to bring us trhough just like he did... ...last Tuesday night," said Beth Behringer.

Sox fans, who claim to be more knowledgeable about the game than their North Side counterparts, were being careful not to cheer beyond Sunday night.

"I just want one win and we'll go on ... ...go on tomorrow," Ed Schultz said.

"It's very exciting and I think we might get a victory today and just go one game at a time," said fan Dusty Behringer.

The start of the game was delayed for about 30 minutes due to rain. The sun emerged afterwards, however. It was perfect weather, hopefully, for a White Sox win.

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