Mixed reaction to town hall debate

Most polls are indicating that Obama was the winner, but the supporters of McCain would disagree.

"This is the same John McCain that I have always known. He is going to tell people what it is. John McCain is straight talk. He will look people in the eye. As a leader, he will tell people the good news, but he is going to tell them the bad news. That's what the essence of a leader is," said Jim Durkin, Chair Of McCain's Illinois Campaign.

"I think it's very important to discuss the records. Mr. Obama in particular, he is my senator, but I really feel like he hasn't actually represented us very well," said Corine Williams, voting for McCain.

Illinois is hardly a battle ground state in the election, but that didn't stop Republicans and Democrats from watching the second presidential debate. Local Republicans gathered at a pub in River North. TV sets there normally showing sporting events had the clash of the political titans on.

In Northbrook, Democratic political volunteers took a break from campaign work to watch the debate. They are hoping Obama's tide in Illinois will help lift the Democrats to victory.

Determining who won the faceoff between Senator Obama and John McCain depends on which side of the political aisle people follow.

"Definitely Barack Obama. He has more opinions that I think matter for the middle class," said Kia Sosa, voting for Obama.

"Barack Obama has the message of how we go forward. John McCain shows us how we go backwards," said Carmen Corbett, voting for Obama.

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