'Square' living for 100-year-old dancer

CHICAGO "Well, just being active and living right and getting along I love square dance people and mixing with others, too. Life is good. Thank you," said George Bullat, 100-year-old square dancer.

A member of Square Spares Dance Club, Bullat and the other dancers celebrated his birthday on Monday at the Senior Center in Park Ridge.

Bullat was born on October 13, 1908. Because of that birthday, he's been a Cub fan as long as he can remember. 1908 was the last time the team won the pennant.

"You know he drives all the way from Oak Park to Park Ridge for our dances. He's always here. He's very punctual," said Evelyn Bort, square dancer.

"I never saw a man with his positive attitude that he has toward life. For a man that age, it's a wonderful thing," said Milton Friedman, square dancer.

"Oh, George, he's an inspiration to all of our members. He is just so fantastic. He never misses a dance. And he's a gentleman. We all love him," said Amelia Faxal, dancer.

Before retirement Bullat traveled the world selling scientific instruments.

"I've had a good life. I met a lot of people. Good work took me all over the world to many countries. That was my job. So life has been good for me and I appreciate it," said Bullat.

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