Mokena parents have lots of love to share

October 16, 2008 4:02:56 PM PDT
Kerri and Joel Gorecki have a lot of love and support to share. Just ask their eight children! After having two biological children, the Goreckis adopted six special needs children from around the world. Their busy home is filled with a lot of happiness.

Meet Joel and Kerri Gorecki of south suburban Mokena. From a family of four in 2002, they've grown to a family of 10 with the adoption of six special needs children from South Korea and China.

"Special needs children, they're a little bit hard to place. We wanted to help show today that these kids, when they're brought into a loving family, a caring environment, they do great," said Joel Gorecki, adoptive parent.

The Goreckis have two biological kids, 11-year-old Abigaill and 13-year-old Hannah.

"It's never boring here, it's always crazy. There's always something going on," said Hannah Gorecki, biological sibling.

And something always is with 7-year-old Rachel, 6-year-old Samuel, 6-year-old Caleb, 5-year-old Esther, and 2-year-old Noah. who arrived just three weeks ago.

Eight-year-old Miriam from South Korea was the first to be adopted. She says the family is fun.

"To have lots of sisters and brothers, and it's fun to play with them," said Miriam.

The adoption process required making five visits to China, which entailed traveling extensively in that country for a period of two weeks each time.

"Once you visit an orphanage, and walk through an orphanage and see all those waiting children, it's hard to say no," said Kerri Gorecki, adoptive parent. "We had space in our home. We had love in our hearts and we wanted to add more children to our family."

"It's been very rewarding for us to see how far these kids have come," said Joel Gorecki. "They exceeded our wildest expectations. We're thrilled and we hope that some other families out there might consider doing the same thing."