Katie and the Magic Umbrella

It tells the story of Alex and Grace, who like most children are afraid of thunderstorms. That is until Katie, their guardian angel, uses her magic umbrella to take them on an educational journey into a storm. Along with Alex and Grace, young readers will learn about clouds, rain, lightning, and thunder, hail, and even tornadoes – as well as what to do in a thunderstorm and where to go to stay safe. Katie magically helps young readers overcome their fear of storms while they learn.

Kristine is an acclaimed television meteorologist who has been forecasting weather in Texas for nearly 20 years. Having received her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Texas A&M University, Kristine is certified by both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Inspired by her fascination with and knowledge of weather, Kristine recognized that children's natural fear of extreme weather is often alleviated with a simple explanation. Katie and Magic Umbrella is the first in a series of Kristine's picture books for children, featuring a guardian angel inspired character who teaches readers about thunderstorms.

  • This is a book parents and children can read together on a dark, stormy night. It educates and calms fears about severe weather.

    With a combination of science and a sense of fantasy that will appeal to children, KATIE is a wonderful tool for elementary educators to use to enhance their students' understanding of weather.

    The story provides interactive questions at the story's conclusion intended to encourage continued thought and conversation.

    According to child psychologist Deborah Cole, Ph.D., "Giving children knowledge and a safety plan can have a calming effect." Katie and the Magic Umbrella "cleverly provides such knowledge for children in a delightful and educational story."

    For more information, visit www.katieandthemagicumbrella.com

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