Teacher suspended for alleged sex with student

A spokesperson with Perspectives Calumet High School says the female teacher has been suspended from her job.

The Chicago Public School system says the teacher has not been arrested. Sources tell ABC7 that the teacher has been accused of having a sexual relationship with at least one male student at the school.

Parents speaking with ABC7 said they were shocked and wanted more information about the teacher.

"It's unlikely. She's been here for the last 2 years. So, I wouldn't expect a teacher or staff or anything to mess around with a student," parent Sherricha Stephans said.

"I think she should be fired instead of being suspended. That's crazy. My kids can't come to school now. You know, instead of bullies they're scared of the teachers," said Latanya Edwards, also a parent.

Perspectives Calumet High School has issued a statement saying, in part, "It is our strong hope that these allegations are false, but we must always err on the side of protecting the safety and well being of our students and their families."

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