Pumpkin Workout

CHICAGO Sean Armstead of Phenomenal Fitness phenomenalfitness.com has come up with a strength training routine that's perfect for fall. He says grab a pumpkin.

Sean says using a pumpkin for resistance may appear eccentric, yet you'll be able to follow the Phenomenal Fitness principles of strength training:

    Principles of strength training:
  • progression
  • variety
  • precision

Equipment: a light to medium weight pumpkin; if you're used to weight training, choose a medium weight pumpkin. Aim for 8 to 15 repetitions and 2 to 4 sets in each exercise. (If you have any current pain in the shoulder(s) and or low back, avoid these movements and address cause of pain, Sean says.)


  • Halo
    Stand with pumpkin at chest, elbows at side. Elevate pumpkin in front of face rotate around head in a complete circle return to chest repeat in opposite direction. Avoid movement in core and hips.

    Benefits: Grip/hand & forearm; Arms and shoulders; Core and hip stability
  • Reach to curl
    Standing, pumpkin at waist; reach down to floor while pushing hips backward. Slight bend at knees. Weight should be on heels as you stand push through the floor and focus on hips as the mover to rise. Curl the pumpkin up as you return to standing position.

    Benefits: Glutes; Low Back; Legs; Grip & forearm strength
  • squat to press
    Pumpkin at chest, feet hip-shoulder width apart. Deep squat/sitting position (elbows at side) begin pressing as you stand. While standing, hold pumpkin directly over head. Lower pumpkin to chest.

    Benefits: Grip and forearm strength; Glutes, hamstrings, quads; Arms and shoulders
  • 45° Ab rotation
    Sit up position (while sitting, upper body 45° from ground). Pumpkin in hand rotate upper torso side to side in a controlled manner. Maintain tension throughout core.

    Benefits: Midsection/core; Grip/hand & forearm; Arms and shoulders

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