Make your Halloween more green

CHICAGO In this "Live Green with ABC 7" report, we'll show you one resource that's helping to weed out which products are hits and which ones are misses.

If you want to green your Halloween, one place to start is with the treats you hand out. But before you spend the money, how do you know if your organic choice will be a hit with trick-or-treaters?

Enter: Aimee Heilbrunn and Carmen Ramson-Herzing. They chose three brands of organic lollipops -- Yummy Earth, Trader Joe's store brand and Pure Fun -- and put them to an unscientific taste test.

The pair tests all kinds of earth-friendly products and services. The reviews list pro's and con's, from a consumer perspective, giving an unbiased opinion on a range of characteristics.

"Whether or not the product does what it says it's going to do, what kind of packaging it comes in, what the durability of it is and really what the company is trying to do to make the world as a whole more environmentally-friendly," said Aimee Heilbrunn, co-founder.

"We did a review of natural deodorants that were aluminum-free. We tried five, and honestly we came back and said these didn't work so well for us," said Carmen Ramson-Herzing, co-founder.

Results from the candy test will not only note reactions to flavors, but also the ease for children in unwrapping it and the quality of ingredients used, so before shopping for Halloween treats consumers will already know what's been kid-tested and eco-scene approved.

To find out which of the three brands of organic lollipops scored the highest marks, visit

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