Change Your Clock, Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

March 12, 2010 9:28:32 AM PST
ABC7 Chicago teams up with Chicago firefighters for "Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries" as part of Operation Save-A-Life fire safety campaign, now in its 7th year.As part of its continuing Operation Save-A-Life fire safety campaign, ABC 7 once again will team up with the Chicago Fire Department to get the word out on a simple life-saving tip, "Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries." Replacing home smoke detector batteries is a small and easy step that can mean the difference between life and death.

In preparation for daylight-saving time on Sunday, March 14, ABC 7 will feature a series of on-air spots reminding viewers that when they change their clocks, it's also time to take an extra minute to change the batteries in their smoke detectors. Fresh batteries are critical in insuring smoke detectors work when fire breaks out. Nonetheless, changing those batteries is something people forget to do more often than not.

On Friday, March 12, from 4:30-6:00 pm, Chicago Firefighters will underscore the importance of the "Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries" message by getting out in the community and spreading the word. Firefighters will be stationed at train stations, and other key transportation sites to distribute awareness fliers reminding Chicagoans that working smoking detectors do save lives.

ABC7's Operation Save-A-Life fire safety and education campaign is now in its 7th consecutive year.

Below is a listing of locations where firefighters will be stationed.

1st District
State & Lake -- Transfer station
35th & State -- Green Line
500 N. Canal -- Northwestern Station
Belmont & Sheffield -- Red Line

2nd District
Howard & Paulina -- Red Line
Kimball & Lawrence -- Brown Line
Jefferson Park -- Blue Line
Logan Square/Belmont and Kimball--Blue Line
Jefferson Park -- Blue Line

4th District
North & Damen -- Blue Line
Austin/Central & Lake -- Green Line
Pulaski & Congress -- Blue Line
Kedzie & Congress - - Blue Line
26th & California -- Intersection

5th District
63rd & Ashland -- Green Line
63rd & Cottage Grove -- Green Line
55th & Dan Ryan -- Red Line
59th & Stoney Island--Illinois Central Station

6th District
95th & Dan Ryan --Red Line
103rd & Walden Parkway --Metra Station
79th & South Chicago -- Intersection
91st & Exchange --Intersection