Obama rally in Ind., McCain in Ohio

CHICAGO Polls show that state to be a dead heat. John McCain is scheduled to visit Indian on Monday, but on Friday night he concentrated on Ohio.

An estimated 40,000 people turned out for an Obama rally in Highland, Indiana.

McCain is visiting Indiana on Monday for the first time since July because the reliable red state that hasn't gone democratic in a presidential race since 1964 is in fact a dead heat right now. If Barack Obama can fire up the troops in mostly democratic northwest Indiana, like they were fired up in the primary with Hillary Clinton, he can actually win the state and its 11 electoral votes.

The treat is obviously Barack Obama. The trick, if he can pull it off, is to channel the energy and enthusiasm of the 47,000 democratic supporters in Highland, where he tossed a water bottle to a wobbly fan in the first row, into a big enough majority to win in the rest of the Hoosier state.

"We can't afford in these last days to slow down or let up or sit back for one second," said Obama. "My girls were doing some trick or treating. Malia and Sasha, each year they've got trouble deciding what they want to be for Halloween. But John McCain didn't have that problem. Just like every year, he's going as George W. Bush."

The only other campaign stop for Obama today was in Iowa where it all started nine months ago with an upset victory in the democratic caucus.

"My faith in the American people was vindicated and what you started here in Iowa has swept the nation," said Obama.

While a former vice president, Al Gore, was pinch-hitting for Obama in Florida, where a supreme court ruling cost him the presidency back in 2000.

"When the policies changed on January 1, 2001, that's when this started. I know, I was the first one laid off," said Gore.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka, was joining Sarah Palin at a rally near his home town. "Don't talk about what you can do. Prove you can do something!" said Ditka.

John McCain was crisscrossing the must-win state of Ohio, winding up at a rally in Columbus with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"He wants to use the same 'spread the wealth ideas' Europe had decades ago," said Schwarzenegger. "With your help we're going to win here!" said McCain.

Barack Obama is leading in Ohio right now and the reason Indiana is a dead heat is that the state has registered about half a million new voters since 2006 and according to the pollsters, those voters are going two for one for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama won't be back in Indiana but his running mate, Joe Biden, will be in Indiana on Saturday.

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