McCain focuses on 'red' states

Senator John McCain is promising voters: to win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cut taxes, create jobs and make the government live on a budget.

"They may not know it, but the Mac is back!" said McCain while campaigning in his home state of Arizona.

The Mac is back in states the Republicans normally don't have to worry about.

"We're going to keep Virginia Red!" said McCain.

Senator McCain is hitting seven states in the final full day of the campaign-- forced to spend money and valuable time in places Senator Barack Obama has been able to keep in play.

"Senator Obama is running to spread the wealth. I am running to create more wealth," said McCain.

In Arizona, volunteers that could have been shuttled to neighboring battlegrounds are staying behind to defend the home turf. Polls show Arizona is now a toss-up-- with McCain holding a slight lead.

"I realize the deck is stacked against McCain when it comes to national issues," said Ray Carroll, McCain South Arizona chairman.

Carroll is a graduate of Morgan Park High School. His dad was a precinct captain for the first Mayor Daley. Now he's chairing McCain's efforts in southern Arizona.

"This is really John McCain's last chance at the presidency. I'm hoping the American people realize in the last minutes in the ballot box that this is a guy we can trust," said Carroll.

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