Hyde Park residents celebrate Obama victory

CHICAGO The president-elect's South Side neighborhood is electric with his victory, making him the first African American president elected in the United States. Many thought they would never see this sort of political milestone in their lifetime.

"I am very excited. I am very excited. This is a historic moment," said Carla Jackson.

"It's just amazing. People are hugging each other and kissing and saying we're blood, everybody, human beings. That's all it is," said Beverly Lucas.

Many in Hyde Park celebrated the historical election with the Obama breakfast of sausage, eggs, and toast at a local diner, one frequented by the president-elect himself.

"Well, this breakfast came about when Barack first announced he was running for president. We came up with the idea if he wins the presidency, we'll buy breakfast," said Thomas Chronopoulos, Valois Restaurant Owner.

People who waited in line Tuesday to vote again waited to share the taste of success with others at Valois, located at 1518 E. 53rd.

"It's amazing. A wonderful time, a wonderful time. We are so gratified that this all came to pass," said Barbara Fitzpatrick.

Many diners were hoping Obama would stop by for his usual breakfast -- egg whites -- but instead he dropped his daughters off at school and then headed to the gym.

Restaurant owners say they decided to have a free breakfast if Obama won the election. They not only wanted support Obama but also those who went to the polls.

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