Mixed response to election from DuPage voters

CHICAGO DuPage County is an area that is not considered a Democratic stronghold. Voters there told ABC7 Chicago some of the top issues they feel Obama must address as president.

Obama did very well in the traditionally Republican stronghold Tuesday night. He won the votes 55 percent to 44 percent in DuPage County's centers, a mixed response from the mildly supportive to the downright enthusiastic.

At about noon in Naperville on the follwoing sun-drenched November day that was warm enough for shirtsleeves, it wasn't hard to find reactions to a history-making election night, even for Republicans who watched with mixed emotions.

" I just hope he continues to use his intelligence and pick a good team. I believe the partisan part has become a real part of the conversation. If that can be avoided, I imagine he'll be quite well respected, "said Ellen Wojtowicz.

Another voter said he wants a post-partisan.

"I think the people have spoken, and I think we should rally around him and make the best of what happened," said John Schaefer of Downer's Grove.

America's role in the Middle East won't be a problem according to one native of Israel.

"It was a good thing. I voted for Barack, and think he will be a great president," said Naperville's Elias Dacloush. "I think he has the vision to change this country, to get us out of the troubles that we're in, both financial and as well all over the world."

In Hinsdale and parts of the county that reversed President Bush's winning margin in 2004, the president-elect may be able to count on the benefit of the doubt for a while.

"I think everybody pretty much expected the result that occurred. So, I think we're all glad that it's over, and I think everybody's looking forward to whatever's coming, the change that needs to occur," said Hinsdale resident Ray Anderson.

"I think it was a great victory for America. It's not about a Democratic thing or a Republican thing. It's about an American thing," said Smedmore Bernard, also of Hinsdale.

"His speech last night, it was so positive and enlightening that everyone is very happy," said Hinsdale's Jenny Stewart.

Some voters in DuPage County tell ABC7 Chicago about they want a new spirit of nonpartisanship in Washington. As well, a lot of people talked about the need for immigration reform. The voters speaking with ABC7 Chicago did not speak much about health care. It would seem that in DuPage County at least, employment is strong, and people are fairly happy with the kind of health care that they already have in a district that was traditionally very Republican district, but now seems supportive of President-elect Barack Obama.

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