Letter arrives 62 years late

BROADVIEW, Ill. Sixty-two years ago, their friends, Ruth and Bob, sent a card with their congratulations. On Monday, the card finally arrived.

Tony Ahern now lives on South 12 Avenue in Broadview.

"I took the mail out of the mailbox. There were several pieces of mail and I noticed there was one piece that looked really old," said Tony Ahern.

Ahern tossed the letter on the kitchen table but he didn't take a really close look at the postmark. He wife, Sue, did that.

"I picked it up and I looked at the postmark and I was like ... 1946! How can that be? You know that's sixty two years," said Sue Ahern.

The card is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. H. Reno, who, according to neighborhood old timers, lived there from the 40s to the 70s before moving away. Inside the envelope was a card congratulating the Renos on their new baby girl. It's signed by Ruth and Bob. To further complicate things, the letter was postmarked again just last week from San Diego, California. The Aherns don't have any answers but they do have one wish.

"We would love to give this card to the woman who was the little girl who was born in 1946."

The card's a mystery for the Aherns and the post office, which has no idea how the letter ended up in San Diego- and back again- on a three-cent stamp.

"You wonder how the post office didn't catch it this time when they mailed it from San Diego. They put it back in the mail with a three cent stamp on it," said Tony Ahern. "It made it. So maybe we're overpaying for our stamps."

Through rain, sleet, snow -- and six decades.

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