Community steps up to provide holiday lights

LAPORTE, Ind. The city of LaPorte, Indiana, had planned on trimming its holiday decorations. But in the Christmas spirit, a last-minute gift helped save the day.

There is no money. They hadn't received any money all year. It's November.

The city of LaPorte said they wouldn't be able to hang Christmas lights downtown this holiday season because it does not have enough money on hand to fix the damaged electrical outlets. The mayor says local contractors Monday morning offered to fix the electrical receptacles for free and have been repairing the 30 to 40 that need to be repaired.

"They're testing the box at the base of the tree and they're going to repair them and also we have a number of donations of lights and funds for lights to be able to purchase lights this year," said Mayor Kathy Chroback.

The mayor says ongoing property reassessment in the county has caused delays in tax receipts. Over the past year, the city has had to borrow money to get by and could not afford the $3,500 it would take to fix the electrical outlets needed for the Christmas lights.

The mayor says these are difficult times and they've been operating without money for over a year. But fortunately in these difficult times people have come forward to help and get them back their Christmas lights.

"It's fantastic. I think it was a shame, but I thank those who came to our defense. LaPorte is good at that," said LaPorte resident Merle Prozil.

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