Ind. digging out after heavy snow

CHICAGO As many as 9 inches fell overnight and into the afternoon, leading to slippery roads and covered sidewalks. With Thanksgiving still more than a week away, many were caught off guard.

"I still have my leaf catcher and everything on. Had to take that off this morning. Put the plow on," said Dave Myers, Chesterton resident.

"I was looking earlier and there was snow on the ground, all the snow, and leaves on top of it, so fall's not even over," said Heather Shingler, Chesterton resident.

"We heard 1-3 and all of a sudden I wake up this morning and there's 8 inches of snow on the deck. It came out of nowhere," said Tim Hager, Chesterton resident.

" I looked outside and I couldn't believe it and then I went to let my dogs out- I have Chihuahuas- and they couldn't get out the back door," said Shingler.

The conditions made it slow going for mail carrier Ed Dunn.

"It's a little strenuous walking through the snow. Every time I park, usually I get stuck like I did over here in the park," said Dunn.

The bulk fell early Tuesday morning and the relatively warm ground is making the deep snow heavy and hard to clear.

"I knew it was coming. That is why I woke up early to get to work. We get this all the time off the lake. It is a pain but it is something to go sledding on," said one resident.

"It's heavy and wet. And not too bad out. It's very heavy," said Nancy Evans, Chesterton resident

"It's kind of wet. It's heavy," said Dawn Meyers, Chesterton resident. "Once in a while, the auger gets all caught up and you have to poke it a little bit and get her going again."

The snow is no surprise to longtime residents -- or transplants.

"I have seen worse snows than this at this time of the year. And, you know, hey, you have got to be prepared for it at this time," said Marilyn Cook, Chesterton resident.

"I grew up in Austin, Texas. This is quite different. We usually don't get any snow at all throughout the year in Texas," said Paige Maddex, Chesterton resident.

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