Center counsels families struggling with economy

November 20, 2008 It can not only lead to arguments but also domestic abuse.

With the stock market fluctuating the way it has been, and tough economic times impacting families and communities, many are feeling the stress and do not know whether to get help.

"If you're snapping at people, you're not yourself. You're angry or frustrated. Those things mean that you should get in to see someone," said Linda Hoag, Catholic Charities clinical social worker.

The Holbrook Center has 14 locations. They are staffed with trained professional who provide services in a safe and private environment.

In-take specialists say they have been receiving more complaints about marital strife. The first thing they do is try to diffuse the situation in a calm manner.

"The first thing is to come up with a safety plan for the whole family. Sometimes we get women who call in and there's either a conflict at home or domestic violence and we'll say, come on in. They'll say, my husband won't do it. We'll work with the woman the best way we can," said Hoag.

Anyone seeking help can call the in-take number of (312) 655-7725.

"They will get a response that day. They will get a therapist assigned to them within the next 48 hours, and they'll get an appointment within a week," said Hoag.

"We don't want people to stop getting help for themselves. We do counseling as a tool," said Timothy Higgins, Catholic Charities clinical social worker.

The Holbrook Counseling Center will also direct you to other agencies providing help.

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