The right fitness gear for winter

November 28, 2008 6:59:35 PM PST
If you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast determined to keep your routine going through the winter, ABC7 has some advice on selecting the right type of gear.Dave Zimmer, president of Mayor Richard Daley's fitness council and owner of Fleet Feet Sports, visits ABC7 News Saturday morning. The items speaks about are useful to walkers, runners, cyclists or people outside walking their dogs during cold weather.

  • Sugoi Versa Jacket, Retail $115.00
  • Zoot Multisport Tight, Retail $130.00
  • Nathan Bike Commuter Kit, Retail $19.95
  • Nathan Streak Vest, Retail $25.00
  • LED Arm and Ankle Band, Retail $15.00
  • Clip On LED Light, Retail $6.00
  • Saucony Drylete Balaclava, Retail $25.00
  • Zoot Radiator Glove, Retail $35.00
  • Zephyr Photochromic Sunglasses, Retail Price $69.99

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