Bail denied in Hudson murders case

CHICAGO Prosecutors outlined their case against William Balfour Wednesday. He is the estranged husband of Hudson's sister Julia. Prosecutors say an ongoing domestic dispute appears to be the motive for the killings.

Prosecutors say William Balfour was angry that Julia Hudson was dating another man. In the weeks leading up to the murders, the 27-year-old allegedly made several threats to Hudson.

The case outlined Wednesday is largely circumstantial. Balfour's attorney says it's a case with several holes in it.

Standing before a judge, William Balfour listened as the state outlined the case against him. Prosecutors say the murders of Jennifer's Hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew may have been committed because of jealousy.

Balfour was estranged from Hudson's sister Julia. Prior to the murders, Balfour allegedly made several threats to Julia.

"He told her at that time that her family would suffer if she saw other men," said LuAnn Snow, assistant Cook County state's attorney.

Prosecutors say the threats continued on the day of the murders.

According to the Cook County state's attorney, Balfour was at the Hudson home on the morning of October 24. He left the home with Julia Hudson. As she went to work, prosecutors say, Balfour went back to the home with a gun he had previously stolen from Jason Hudson. The 27-year-old allegedly shot Darnell Donnerson and Jason Hudson several times.

"After shooting Darnell Donnerson and Jason Hudson, the defendant placed Julian King, the 7-year-old son of Julia Hudson, inside Jason Hudson's white Suburban. The defendant then shot Julian King in the head while the 7-year-old was lying behind the front seat of the Suburban," said Anita Alvarez, Cook County state's attorney.

Three days later the body of Julian King was discovered on the West Side inside the Suburban. Court statements say before Balfour drove away in the SUV. He moved his own car out of the Hudson's Englewood neighborhood.

"The gunshot residue is indicative that he fired a handgun," said Alvarez.

Prosecutors also say surveillance tape and cell phone records indicate Balfour was in the Hudson's neighborhood at the time of the murders.

Balfour's attorney calls the case a loose one without any real evidence against Balfour.

"We are extremely confident that once all of the evidence has come to light and has been tested by our vigorous analysis of the case, that William will be found not guilty," said Joshua Kutnick, Balfour's attorney.

In addition, Balfour's defense attorney disputes a statement Balfour's girlfriend made to police. Prosecutors say Balfour admitted to a girlfriend that he shot Darnell Donnerson and Jason Hudson.

Prosecutors also refuted a number of statements Balfour made to police about his whereabouts at the time of the murders.

New Cook County state's attorney Anita Alvarez says there was no rush to judgment to charge Balfour.

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