Jay Stewart, Executive Director, Better Government Association

Based on allegations contained in the Federal government's unsealed criminal complaint, as well as a history of felony convictions and corruption in connection with his administration, the Better Government Association today called on Governor Rod R. Blagojevich to immediately resign and allow the business of the people of Illinois to move forward. Executive Director Jay Stewart released the following statement: "It is sad that once again the great office of Illinois governor has been tainted with corruption. Today, I have no choice but to call upon Governor Blagojevich to immediately resign. For too long, the citizens of Illinois have endured the daily drama of a chief executive more focused on his own welfare than on theirs. Today's indictment includes extensive recorded conversations that provide support for the government's allegations that this attitude of "where's mine" on the part of the governor was far worse than any of us could have imagined.

The appointment of Barack Obama's successor will impact not only our state, but our nation as a whole. To find out that this Senate seat may have been for sale to the highest bidder is truly astonishing. We need to have a Senator appointed who can help shepherd this nation through this critical juncture in history. We need a governor who can help lead this state through our troubled times. In short, we need Rod Blagojevich to step down immediately."


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