Gymnastics coach back in court

Last week, Michael Cardamone was transferred back to DuPage County from a state prison. He was convicted three years ago but was granted a new trial in March after an appellate court overturned that conviction, granting him a new trial.

On Monday, a judge denied a request to let Cardamone out of jail on bond for the holidays. The judge said there was not enough time with her full docket to hear lengthy arguments from both sides.

Cardamone's family contends he's innocent.

"They have unlimited power, unlimited resources and unlimited money to continue the attack on Michael. All we have is the truth. And someone told me a long time ago that the truth is not enough to win a case so it's very frustrating that we do have the truth but because we don't have the unlimited financial resources they have," said Alysha Millard, Cardamone's sister.

Cardamone's next court date is set for January 2.

The Daily Herald reports Cardamone also now faces new perjury charges in a separate harassment case but that was not confirmed by the DuPage County state's attorney.

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