Chicago area reacts to gov.'s appointment

CHICAGO On the street, on the radio and over the internet, many people in the Chicago area are voicing their opinions on the governor's controversial move.

Callers to WVON Radio on Tuesday weighed in on the governor's decision to appoint former Illinois attorney general Roland Burris to Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.

Burris himself called in at one point, answering questions for some ten minutes during Tuesday's show which hosted by ABC7's Charles Thomas.

During the interview, Burris defended his decision to accept the governor's appointment.

"It's not about the governor. It's about the 13 million people in Illinois who need a voice as we go through these troubled times," said Burris.

Roland Burris is a well-respected figure in Illinois politics, a sentiment that was echoed by many across Chicago on Tuesday night. But his record and accomplishments were hardly the main topic for many voicing their opinions on his appointment.

"Blagojevich needs to be removed," said one comment left on "He is not representative of the state of Illinois, nor should he have the authority to replace the Senate seat."

"Innocent until proven guilty is a basic principle that should be preserved," wrote another. "Governor Blagojevich has not been proven guilty and has every right to name a replacement for Obama."

On the city's South Side, diners at Hyde park's Valois restaurant also expressed strong opinions regarding the Burris appointment.

"It was a strategic move for Blagojevich. That's about the only name not connected to a tape or a recording or some scheme," said Carol Fareau.

"I don't object to Burris, but I'm concerned Blagojevich went ahead despite all the admonitions not to do that and went ahead and appointed someone," said Sarah Bornstein.

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