Tomato Soup Joey's Brickhouse

January 8, 2009 8:53:38 AM PST
Feeds 4-6 people 1 white onion diced
4 garlic sliced
1 each yellow zucchini and a large broccoli crown diced
2 28oz cans diced plumb tomatoes
1of each celery, carrot & leek. all large dice
1/2 lbs butter
1/2 cup wondra flour
1/2 gallon water or chicken stock
To taste salt, white pepper and basil

-in a pot that will fit the final product brown the onion & garlic in 3T olive oil

-season to taste, building a pyramid of flavor by seasoning at the beginning and at the end

-add all the remaining veggies and butter and cook 3-5 more minutes

-sprinkle the wondra and cook 3 minutes for it to become a roux

Add the tomatoes w/ all the juice and cook 2 more minutes

Add the water/stock, bring to a boil & simmer 40 minutes. Always scrape bottom so it does not burn!

-puree w/ an emulsion blender, adjust seasoning, and let cool 45 minutes

-now puree further in a blender, bringing out the rich orange color and flavors and smooth texture. Yummy!