Blizzard warning downgraded

January 13, 2009 3:49:18 AM PST
The blizzard-like conditions and bitter cold are making for some dangerous conditions.People out clearing the streets say the real danger could come when the winds kick up.

The trucks are loaded up with salt. A full complement of 365 crews are out on area interstates. The dangerous driving conditions already seen West of Chicago in the Dakotas is heading straight for the area. These Conditions haven't seen in a couple of years since a blizzard forced the closure of Lake Shore Drive.

"We'll go and plow. Then the wind is going to pick up everything we just plowed and sweep it right back onto the road ways. You just need to be patient with us through tomorrow," said Marissa Kolias, IDOT spokesperson.

City crews are also concerned not only about the wind but the arctic cold that comes with it. The city is making 3,000 calls to seniors and others who are vulnerable.

"We are heading into some dangerously cold days and I want to remind Chicagoans, it's our shared responsibility to look out for each other," said Ray Orozco, executive director, Chicago Office of Emergency Management.

So it's another night of shoveling or sledding or jazzercising to the oldies and trying to forget about the mess outside. But to some, this mess is a whole lot of money.

"I love it. If they say money don't fall from the skies, they're lying!" said Sonny Clark, plow driver.

Airport Delays

The snow caused some major trouble at Chicago's airports on Monday night.

At O'Hare, more than 300 flights were canceled already and there are delays up to 90 minutes. At Midway more than 50 flights were grounded with very few delays.