Obama attends dinner celebrations

Michelle attends concert with Sasha and Malia
January 19, 2009 (WASHINGTON) "Each of us in public life has a responsibility to usher in a new season of cooperation built on those things we hold in common, not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans. And there are few Americans who understand this need for common purpose and common effort better than John McCain," said President-elect Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama made the remark during a dinner on Monday night honoring the Republican senator from Arizona. It was one of three private dinners the president-elect attended on Monday night.

Michelle Obama and their daughters spent the evening enjoying a concert featuring Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers. The event was called, "Kids Inaugural: We are the Future." Many of the children in the audience have parents serving in the U.S. military.

On Monday night, the national mall was very quiet. Throughout the day it was filled with many visitors from all over the world who just wanted to come and be a part of history. They were taking pictures of the monuments and many of them came with no official tickets, no invitation, but that didn't stop them from converging on the city.

There may not be any official events but the national mall was full of excitement.

There are also plenty of Chicagoans who want to be part of this once in a lifetime inauguration.

"It's just too big of an opportunity, too big of an event in my lifetime not to be out here and the weather, being from Chicago, this is nothing," said Mike Doyle, former Lincoln Park resident.

From the Gold Coast to South Holland, the Chicago area is well represented.

"I think America just grew up finally and we're going to witness America growing up and putting everything behind us," said Lourdes Abbott, Gold Coast resident.

"We made it. We made it here. Just to work hard because now is just the beginning. Now it's just time to get our feet on the ground and get running. Let's do it," said Okeycha Pettigrew, South Holland resident.

Loyola student Sarah Ritchie is blogging for fellow students and professors back home. She's uploading her pictures and special moments on line.

"To see this tomororw, it's a chance of a lifetime. There are so many people who have never seen this and may never seen this and I get this opportunity. There's no words for it," said Richie.

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