Crowds gear up for Chicago Auto Show

February 13, 2009 9:55:31 PM PST
Car sales may be stuck in neutral, but hundreds of people are kicking tires at the Chicago Auto Show. Despite the crash of the car sales market, the Chicago Auto Show is drawing a crowd. Financial problems haven't stopped the major car makers from putting their vehicles on display at the nation's largest auto show.

Shiny cars catch attention at McCormick Place, where the Chicago Auto Show is udnerway. And, in a recession, the show is an effort to stimulate sales.

"Now you've got a situation where you have a lot of people with a lot of pent up demand. People have not been buying cars for a number of months. The people who are coming to the show now are looking for deals. And there are deals to be had. The industry right now, the most incentivized I've ever seen it," said Paul Brian, Chicago Auto Show.

Concept cars that plug to charge to reduce or eliminate the need for gas have crowds interested in the possibility.

"It's pretty new. I'd have to find out more about it," said Phyllis Pearson, spectator.

There were plenty of spectators here for opening day, But some say they're putting off a car purchase.

"I'm not ready yet," said Frank Henriksen, spectator.

"Are you kidding? In this economy? I'll save up for my dream car," saidKaren Chan, spectator.

Jesus Quiroga works in the steel industry. He says his overtime has been cut and orders are down.

"Can't afford these cars. Only afford to look at them," said Quiroga.

The Goodwins plan to buy this year. They say they're going to take advantage of the dealer incentives and the auto show.

"We're looking here today to see what we would like so we can go back to talk to the dealerships and negotiate. Because they will. The economy is at the right time to do it so why not?" said Evelyn Goodwin, spectator.