Green bag lunches make an impact

February 12, 2009 Parents get a guarantee that their kid's lunch won't consist of cheese pizza or chicken nuggets and for $5, they'll also know they're helping to protect the planet.

Check this out. No parents around and one kid chooses to devour apple chunks before a chocolate brownie with edamame as a close second. It's every parents dream. He's one of the students at Wilmot school in Deerfield who gets a green bag lunch.

"We use organic produce and dairy. We use all natural meats. We make everything as pure and natural as possible," said Anne Weber, co-founder, Green Bag Lunch.

Green Bag Lunches the brainchild of Anne Weber and Dave Feinberg. They met at their daughters' pre-school and bonded over a longing for an easier way to provide healthy lunches that were also eco-friendly.

"We certainly thought it was something that we as parents would like as a service and no one else was offering it, so we decided to do it for real," said Dave Feinberg, co-founder, Green Bag Lunch.

In addition to the healthy options provided in the lunches, the pair also keep an eye toward the environment.

"Our packaging is all recyclable, recycled or compostable," said Anne Weber, co-founder, Green Bag Lunch. "Our little cups that hold the food are called p.l.a. they're corn-based. Our spoons are made from potato starch. Our baggies are made from cellulose."

The organic foods and plant-based packaging costs about double their conventional counterparts but the owners believe efficiency will help them hold the line at a $5 price tag.

The two-year-old company serves almost a thousand lunches a week in schools as far south as Hyde Park and as far north as Deerfield.

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