Earn Rave Reviews for your Oscar Party!

February 17, 2009 9:55:12 AM PST
If you are having friends over to watch the Academy Awards Show on Sunday, you can win the award for Best Party. Just add some dramatic flair by following the Oscar-party planning tips from Erica Strama from the Shops at North Bridge. Set the Scene

Movie soundtracks
Retailer: Nordstrom, $13.95 - $24.95

Picture frames to showcase current Oscar nominees in major categories: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn, etc?
Retailer: Papyrus, $14.95 - $68.00

Fabulous floral centerpiece
Retailer: Jolie Fleur, $40-$70

VHS Film to decorate tables
Viewers may have this at home

Red fabric to serve as a Red Carpet at front door
Viewers can purchase at any fabric store

Gift Bags: Bangle, bracelets and brooches
Retailer: XXI Forever, $4-$10

What to Serve -- Movie Themed Drinks and Appetizers
You can make these at home with recipes below.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE : Millionaire Mojito
Retailer: Conrad Hotel, Rendez-Vous, $14

MILK: Harvey Milk & Golden Gate Cookies
Retailer: Conrad Hotel, Rendez-Vous, $20 or can make the cookies at home with recipe below

Retailer: Conrad Hotel, Rendez-Vous,$9

FROST NIXON: Frost InPeachMint
Retailer: Conrad Hotel, Rendez-Vous,$14

Champagne Cocktail Truffle
Retailer: Ethel's Chocolate Lounge, $2 per piece or a 12 piece box for $16

Retailer: Vosges Haut-Chocolat, 2 piece truffles for $5.25

Supporting Sushi Rolls
Retailer: Oysy Sushi, Range from $5-$12

Fun & Games

  • Go to Oscar.com and print off copies of the ballot and encourage your guests to fill it out the form.
  • Scene It Deluxe-Movie Trivia 2 -- Retailer: Go! The Game Store, $39.99
Drinks Recipes from Rendez-Vous Bar and Lounge:
Location: 521 North Rush Street (5th Floor)
Contact: 312 377 0979 ? conradchicago.com
Oscar's Evening Event: Sunday, February 22 from 5:00pm-10:00pm
Offering all of the drinks and beverages (All beverages made with premium top-shelf labels)

Frost InPeachMint $14
2oz Peach Vodka
¼oz Peach Liqueur
Top with Rose Champagne
Garnish with Peach Sorbet and Fresh Mint

Millionaire Mojito $14
2oz Rum
4oz Club Soda
2oz Champagne
½ oz Fresh lime
½ tps. Sugar
Place mint leaves, sugar, and lime juice in a glass; Muddle; Add Rum and Club Soda; top with Champagne

Harvey Milk & Golden Gate Cookies $20
A playful 'adult' twist on the traditional milk and cookie party
Array of homemade honey cookies
(Cookies are Pastry Chef Christina Schubert's grandmother's recipe)
Harvey Milk:
2oz White chocolate liqueur
½ oz Vanilla vodka
2oz Cream
Over ice

Button Cakes $9
Three Petit cakes arranged largest to smallest to replicate the life of Benjamin
One of each: Chocolate, Vanilla and Carrot Cake
Iced with sugar glaze (poured fondant) and decorated with buttons
All cakes made from scratch and hand decorated by Conrad's Pastry Chef Christina Schubert

For a taste of the Oscars before the live awards show on Sunday, stop by and "Meet the Oscars." It's a free exhibition at the Shops at North Bridge. Have you ever secretly rehearsed an acceptance speech for an Academy Award? Now you will have a chance to hold a real Oscar in your hands as you thank your mom or third grade teacher. You can even get your picture taken while holding the golden statue. You'll also able to see several of the Oscars that will be given out this year, and the one Clark Gable won for "It Happened One Night." The free exhibit runs through Sunday, the night of the 81st Academy Awards presentation, which you can watch here on ABC 7. For more information on the Oscars visit www.oscar.com.

Meet the Oscars, Chicago
The Shops at North Bridge
520 North Michigan Ave.
Level 1, Nordstrom Court
Through Sunday, February 22