Lane Bryant clothing donated to charity

February 20, 2009 Out of tragedy, there are people in south suburban Tinley Park who are trying to bring some good. Five people were killed at the Lane Bryant store last February. Now, clothing items left in that store are being donated to charity.

The clothing from the Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park where Jennifer Bishop, Carrie Chiuso, Rhonda McFarland, Sarah Szafranski and Connie Woolfolk were murdered on February 2, 2008, will be donated to three organizations.

"Some positive is coming out of it and I commend Lane Bryant for doing that," said Ed Zabrocki, Tinley Park mayor.

The three organizations selected to receive the clothes are Dwight Correctional Center, Together We Cope, which helps the homeless, and Crisis Center for South Suburbia, which helps women who are victims of domestic violence.

The five women murdered were near the back of the store. The clothes in the showroom, worth tens of thousands of dollars, are the ones that will be donated to the three organizations. They will come on Monday to select what they want.

Debra Marillo of Crisis Center for South Suburbia says they are pleased to be selected and can surely use the clothes for the women and children they care for.

"Many times they just leave with the clothes on their back so we need this clothing for these women and we're really moved by their generosity," said Marillo.

Tinley Park is a close, tight-knit community that will never forget the women killed execution-style over a year ago.

"The community has really been adamant about remembering these women and they're very dedicated to finding out who did this to them," said Marillo.

"It's one of those cases that is bit frustrating. The individual involvement is obviously below the radar screen and I'm sure one of these days it will catch up just like it did with the Palatine situation," said Zabrocki.

Mayor Zabrocki says the clothing donation is a bit of positivity that has come out of the worst mass murder in the village's history.

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