Local soldier reacts to troop withdrawal plan

February 28, 2009 1:09:50 PM PST
An area soldier is weighing in on the president's timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq. Army Specialist Brian Jensen just returned home from a 15 month tour of duty in Iraq.

Since he got home Sunday, Jensen, 20, has spent much of his free time in the garage with friends, working on this jeep. It's the first he's seen it since he bought it online while he was stationed in Iraq for the last 15 months. It helped serve as a motivation to get through his tour.

"Every morning, I picture my jeep on my computer and open the computer and look at the jeep and three more months," said Spc. Brian Jensen.

He witnessed a lot in Iraq, met lots of Iraqis, took part in firefights. Several members of his company were killed by roadside bombs. Twice he was hit by them but he was in an amrat vehicle that protected him.

"I was driving and I hit the brakes and got out and the whole left rear axle was pretty much gone," said Jensen.

For his family the tour of Iraq was trying as well. They spoke at least once a week by phone but it was tough. Dennis Jensen served during Vietnam.

"We worried a lot about him. There's no question about that. And every day we prayed," said Dennis Jensen.

Father and son have talked about President Obama's deadline for removing troops. And they agree.

"There's not much more we could do," said Spc. Jensen. "We did what we could, now we can get out."

"I think our country has paid our dues. There has been a lot of time, money and human life that's been invested in this process," said Dennis Jensen.

Brian will be home for a few more weeks before he has to return to Fort Hood. He has yet to learn where his company might be deployed to next but he says he's willing to go back to Iraq. And if he does, he knows it will be for the last time.