Parents learn how to fend off bacteria

March 3, 2009 (CHICAGO) The children go to Ebinger Elementary in the 7300-block of West Pratt.

Mrsa is a drug resistant staph bacteria that causes skin and other infections.

Ebinger's principal says attendance was slightly down on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, health officials answered parents questions and calmed some of their fears.

"It sounds like just any other infection that you have to be careful of. so im not as worried as I once was," said Tami Willner, parent.

"You can clean the school on Monday and then Tuesday 500 kids walk in and 125 of them have this on their skin. You cannot prevent it - you can only take precautions – it's what we did and what our parents need to do," said Marilyn Leboy, principal, Ebinger Elementary School.

Some of the precautions include hand washing.

The school was disinfected over the weekend.

Health officials say there is no immediate danger of an outbreak.

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