'Keep Mr. Beef Alive' campaign on

March 5, 2009 4:47:17 PM PST
One of Chicago's great culinary icons is getting a boost from customers as it tries to avoid being a victim of the credit crisis.At lunch time on Thursday, faithful Italian beef sandwich lovers descended on Mr. Beef in the River North neighborhood.

The restaurant is facing possible foreclosure because of a lawsuit seeking to collect $650,000.

Mr. Beef's co-owners are working with the lender in an attempt to negotiate re-financing terms.

Restaurant co-owner Chris Zucchero received help from loyal customer and grass roots publicist Mark DiPietro who put the word out with his 'Keep Mr. Beef Alive' campaign.

"There's a ton of TV camera here. We've got a line of people. The cash register is ringing. Hopefull everything will work out. Hopefully this will help Mr. Beef get his loan and help him stay right here," said Mark DiPietro, publicist.

DiPietro handed out 50 free beef vouchers to supporters... Who will attend a so-called "beef aid benefit" tomorrow night.

He has also started a 'Keep Mr. Beef Alive' facebook page which now boasts hundred of members.