Program helps job seekers

March 6, 2009 5:16:16 PM PST
If you're looking for work in DuPage County, you can find help at Worknet DuPage, a program that helps people prepare for the tough job of trying to find work.Individuals scan the jobs posted on the career board at Worknet DuPage career center in Lisle. One can also use the job library, fax machines and computers to help them in their job search.

Every Friday morning job seekers are invited to attend the Worknet meeting. They learn how to sell themselves, prepare résumés, cover letters and what they need to do to help them with their job search.

Jacqueline McCain-McDuff - out of work - for almost a year has three resumes - one for the business, another for teaching and another that describes every job she has ever had.

"Part of the motivation in the work search is not focusing on the negative aspects but trying as much as possible to see this as an opportunity to do something new," said McCain-McDuff.

"Coming here made me realize that...sweating the details can make a difference," said Paul Rychiewski.

"I have learned how to present my talents more effectively in the right format," said Jacqueline McCane-McDuff.

"No job seeker ever has to beg for a job. That's what I try to reiterate to the job that you all have talents and skills. You're here to help that employer," said Fergle. "It is a sharing of knowledge."

Job seekers at the weekly job club gather into smaller groups to network and talk about the workshops the club offers. They listen to job specialist who tell them how to best present themselves.

"Get with your support group and ask them. How do you think people view me?" said Tim Murphy, Search/Path Career Source.

"Certainly Worknet DuPage has helped out with phone skills and those things," said Dough Weglarz, job seeker.

For some the job search is also a mental game. You have to look out of the box and figure out how to present yourself.

"They need to walk with a purpose, walk with their head up. When they're in front of the interviewer, sit up, look them in the eye and have confidence about them," said Fergle.

Next Friday Worknet will hold a job fair with perspective employers.

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