U2 in Chicago to promote new album

March 11, 2009 8:04:14 AM PDT
U2 fans in Chicago got to see Bono and the band in person. The group arrived at a North Side club on Tuesday evening. They were in town to promote their upcoming tour which includes a concert at Soldier Field.

A couple hundred fans got coveted bracelets which allowed them inside the Metro to see U2. The band members sat on couches on the stage and took questions from members of the audience throughout the program.

Most of the fans gathered outside the Metro had no ticket to get inside but they did get a chance to see members of the band up close and many of them have pictures to prove it.

"I've gone to four concerts and it's been this close every time. But this is just sweet," said John Paul Lawless, U2 fan.

Brigid Kennedy is expecting a baby in May and that apparently helped her meet her hero, Bono.

"He leaned down and kissed my belly," said Kennedy.

The band was in Chicago to promote its new record, "No line on the horizon." They played live on Good Morning America last week. And they plan to open their North American tour at Soldier Field in September.

The live radio broadcast gave them a chance to play some of their favorite music by other artists.

"The thing that we want from rock 'n' roll is life force," said Bono.

It's was a big event for the city - so big that radio station WXRT dubbed it U-Tuesday, playing nothing but U2 songs all day.

"We've got about 200 songs by U2 and we're playing them all, and playing rarities, b sides, live recordings, exclusive material. We're filling the airwaves with that all night," said Norm Winer, WXRT station manager.

Even though they brought no instruments with them on Tuesday night, the fans were satisfied.

"It's different than I imagined it would be. Of course I've imagined meeting Bono a few times in my life," said Mary Jo Brown, U2 fan.

The band is headed to Boston on Wednesday night where they have another promotional appearance similar to the Chicago event.