Charges dropped in DUI case

Officer under investigation
March 11, 2009 (CHICAGO) On July 7, 2008, a Chicago Police Department squad car camera captured video of a traffic stop on Lake Shore Drive. The driver of the vehicle, Raymond Bell, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, going over the speed limit and negligent driving.

In December, the Cook County state's attorney turned over police surveillance video in the incident, according to Bell's attorney, Gregory Reeder. The DUI charges were dropped.

"I think he had an overzealous officer who was looking for a DUI arrest," said Gregory Reeder, attorney for Raymond Bell.

The video did not match up with Officer Parker's notes, which were given to ABC7 by Reeder. In the report, Officer Parker wrote, there were "numerous clues of impairment." However, in the video, Bell appears to cooperate with several tests for intoxication, including one where he does the walk and turn testing- walking a straight line and turning around. In the Illinois Department of Transportation DWI student manual, the clues of intoxication include: stops while walking, does not touch heel to toe, or steps off the line.

"He doesn't turn incorrectly. He walks the correct number of steps and he's speaking with the officer throughout the entire video," said Reeder.

During the tests, Bell also stands on one leg. The clues to intoxication in that test include swaying, arms moving and hopping. Bell also appears to clarify the instructions and then proceeds to hold one leg up.

Sources told ABC7 the officer's cases were repeatedly coming to court without enough evidence. An internal investigation was launched.

Bell did not want to talk on camera, but according to his attorneys he is relieved the case is over- but upset about the night.

Police release statement

Following ABC7's report, the Chicago Police Department released this statement: The matter involving Joe Parker is currently under investigation by the Chicago Police Department. AT this time, Parker has been placed on desk duty and relieved of his police powers. The Department will work with the State's Attorney to ensure that videos available for investigative purposes from in-car cameras are properly and timely used for criminal prosecutions. The Department is also reviewing internal procedures and training to ensure that department members are following proper procedures and protocols in their interactions with the public.

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