Bringing up painful memories

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The emotions are fresh, even though his fiancé was killed nearly a year ago. And he has a special message for other women.

Like many of us, Billy Brewer was moved when he heard of these two latest cases. And although he doesn't know all the circumstances surrounding the murders of /*Susana DeJesus*/ and /*Sabrina Pina*/, he certainly feels the families' pain.

Brewer has never met the families of DeJesus or Pina, but for him, their tragic stories strike a painful nerve.

"It's totally ruined my life," he said.

What happened to him occurred 11 months ago. Brewers fiancé, Tina Davila, was leaving an east Houston cell phone store when a man attacked her, fatally stabbing her as the couple's child sat in her vehicle.

The murder was on April 16, which is also Brewer's birthday.

"There's not a day that goes by that you don't think about the good things, bad things, what could have been," he said.

Just last week, Kennedy Escoto, the man who drove the getaway car pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. But unlike the most recent cases, the alleged killer in Davila's case, Timoteo Rios, remains on the loose. Authorities have told Brewer they believe they have tracked him down to Mexico, but so far, no arrests.

"We're just ready to let this be done, say we got them and our lives can go on," he told us.

But until then, Brewer lives in pain, concerned not just for him, but his now one-year-old daughter, dreading the day he'll have to explain to her what happened to her mother.

"She's going to ask questions, but it's just the world today," said Brewer. "She'll learn it's just rough."

As for the families of the DeJesus and Pina, he does have one bit of advice.

"Don't give up," Brewer said. "I know it's going to be rough for us and them to go every day, wishing she was here, what they could have done, just have to live day by day. Don't give up trying."

Brewer has another message -- be careful when you shop. Although he doesn't know if that advice would have saved his fiancé, he hopes it prevents another person's senseless death.

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