Love soars at The Bean

Dressed as eagle, man proposes marriage
March 17, 2009 3:14:50 PM PDT
Tuesday's weather was perfect for most outdoor activities including a very unusual marriage proposal. A former Chicago-area man returned home in hopes of sweeping his fiancee off her feet. Twenty-one-year-old Oklahoma University student Brianna Thomas was unaware that the person underneath the eagle costume in Millennium Park was really her boyfriend Aaron Randolph, a youth pastor in Oklahoma. Randolph decided propose to his girlfriend Brianna in a big way: in front of the Bean with a special poem he wrote for her.

"I've been looking for the finest in all creation / a rose richer than the reddest red," said Randolph.

Randolph says dressing as an eagle has nothing to do with their relationship; it was the only costume he could get. Two years ago, on St. Patrick's Day, they had their first date in Chicago. He wanted the proposal to be memorable.

"This woman is amazing," Randolph said. "I can just talk to her. I don't need anything else. I can just talk to her and spend time with her, that's all I need."

Thomas is originally from Harvey. Her entire family came out for Tuesday's special event. She was surrounded by her mom, grandmother and other family members.

"We could not ask for a greater guy for our daughter," said Bridgette Thomas, Brianna's mother.

The couple will celebrate at their favorite Chicago restaurant Tuesday night. They hope to be married by next year.