Daley meets with leaders over gun control

March 17, 2009 4:55:34 PM PDT
The legislature is expected to debate and vote on several proposed gun control laws.Mayor Daley was surrounded by community and faith based leaders on Tuesday morning, along with parents who lost children to gun violence.

Denise Reed is the mother of Starkeshia Reed. She was shot and killed while looking out the window of the family's home.

"These are not statistics, cartoon characters, these were real children. I carried this child for nine months and I had to bury her," said Reed.

"We have to show its an epidemic like smoking, people are outraged, when do we wake America's conscious up about we're doing to one another," said Daley.

Among the proposals are laws that would limit gun purchases to one per month. Another would require background checks for private, person to person gun sales.